Thursday, 17 May 2018

A brief (I hope) hiatus

There is a Family Situation so normal service will be suspended for a while.
I hope to be back in a week.

                               TTFN                                    Pam

I may have to have an official birthday as mine will probably go missing.
Does that mean I can subtract  a year by default?

Or is that pie in the sky?

Cos it won't be in my dish.

Walking in Sunshine.

Another glorious morning today, I will mostly be in the garden.
I have more pots and planters that need some TLC and they will be my focal point.

All my seeds have sprouted so I will soon be setting more, I like to leave a while between sowing to give me a steady supply. Things like coriander, baby spinach and chard that I use almost daily.

I have started my day in trousers for pot washing and other grubby jobs, once they are out of the way I will be wearing these.

The skirt is from the Tilly and the Buttons book, the Delphine. I have made a few of these, I just added side seam pockets.

This is the cushion cover that I finished off for Francesca, I will get it into the post a bit later today.

The long scrappy socks are almost ready for the heel, I will be taking them to be tried on this afternoon.

Dinner will be Iffits, possibly something with salad. Last night we had cauliflower steaks marinaded in a spicy sauce, I had some cherry tomatoes to use, so stirred them into some finely sliced red onion and added some garlic cloves. Some salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and 10 minutes in the oven and they were lush. As the oven was on for the Steaks I put a large sweet potato in and we had half each.

Now I better get my self into gear, it will soon be time to scoop Rufus up for his walk and then it will be into the garden.

                        TTFN                                       Pam

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A quickie, with photos.

This is yesterday's dress I had to take another photo this morning before it went into the wash


A close up of the fabric, another poppy print, again a bargain from the Fabric guild.

Once I have showered I will be wearing this one, it is cooler today and this fabric is a bit heavier,as is the lining. With a long sleeved tee shirt under it will be perfect, I may wear a belt and then again may not.

A close up showing the lining.

We took the dogs out for a walk around 8:00 last night and it was still very warm, they were happy to stroll for 30 minutes.

This is what happened when we got back, I just had time to make a cuppa....

You can just see his shortie socks, he has asked for a couple more pairs.
Poor thing only has 9 pairs!

Herbie just managed to open his eyes a smidgeon but Ben was out for the count.
They stayed like that till it was time for bed.

I had a little time in the sewing room during the afternoon and ran up some white cotton bags, no handles, just for storing bread in the bin, not That bin, the bread bin. I have put straps on a couple for hanging onions and garlic, string bags are all very well but every time that I touch them there is a shower of little bits of dried skin to deal with.

I finally made Francesca a Dresden Plate cushion with the extra block from her quilt, I will post a photo tomorrow as I forgot to take one. I also made a start on quilting the lap quilt, I will photo the back so the surprise is not spoiled.
                                       A quick break for a shower.

Now I really must get these dogs walked before they drag me bodily off the sofa. Herbie has been to sit by his lead at least 6 times.

                        TTFN                                            Pam.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

A gentle simmer.

That was me yesterday, I walked the dogs at the normal time but they were panting by the time we got home. It very warm with just a wisp of air, not enough to stir a fairies wings.
There are lots of footpaths in and around the Amman Valley and we chose to look down a favourite one.
I often walk part way but after about 10 minutes walking there is a gate, it usually has  a sign saying "animals roaming".  Even though the dogs are on leads I do not go through, I am sure that an excitable puppy barking his head off would not be good for any animal. 
Yesterday that notice had been removed and the gate stood open. There was no hesitation, through we went and it was delightful.

The rough track wound its way through meadows with waving grasses, swathes of Bluebells interspersed with white Campion and of course the omnipresent Dandelion, both shining gold discs and fluffy "clock" seed heads.

The trees were unfurling their leaves, acid green beech and Hazel and Oak leaves ranging from burnished bronze to light gold green. All around was the humming of busy insects, and over all was the herald of summer coming, the call of the Cuckoo. They have been gracing the valley with their call since I moved here.
 I do sometimes see the victims of their success on the ground but that is nature.

We also have Adders along the old railway tracks, the first 2 years after we moved I picked pounds of blackberries along there. Then the following year there was a population explosion, one walker counted more than 20 along a fairly short stretch, I have not walked the track since.

There is a successful Fox population and of course, as we have so many Beech and Hazel trees, there is a proliferation of Grey Squirrel. There was one stretch of our walk that the Greys must have missed, under some tall beech saplings there was a carpet of young seedlings. the beech mast had dropped and much of it had germinated.

In the afternoon the heat drove me into the sewing room, I had pegged out my washing so that was ironed and put away.
While the board was up I tipped out a scrap box, holy moly, I pressed till my arms ached and will have to deal with that today.
                       It Is Not Going Back In The Box!

                       A crazy quilt may have to happen.

I also found a lap quilt top that needed a border, I dealt with that with a large remnant, I had to put cornerstones in to make it fit, and dug out enough fabric and wadding to layer and pin. If it is as hot today that will be quilted. I have made the binding so it could be a done job before the day is out. The finished size will be 50" ish square, it will be a gift.
 I cannot remember exactly when I started it but I know that I was intent on making a "Jelly Roll Race" quilt and cut a strip or two from  every  fabric that I had. Of course I cut far too many and this was made with the leftovers, not enough for a quilt so it was put away and forgotten. This week it will be finished and make a little dent in the stash.
I am off to have a shower and will be wearing this today, nice and cool.

Of course the picture did not load and my camera batteries are on charge. I will try again later.

                          TTFN                                     Pam

Monday, 14 May 2018

Another fine day on the cards.

I spent most of yesterday in the garden, sowing seeds, emptying planters and potting on several plants. The grass was cut and all happened in brilliant sunshine without the bite of a chilly wind.

I have to 'fess up that the only item of me made apparel was a pair of socks, but they were my crazy stripey pair.

I never did find the photo from Saturday so I put my clothes onto the dummy.

The colours are washed out here, the skirt is a pink and green floral print that I made last year, the cardigan is at least 16 years old.

I have to drop the car off a bit later and then it will be dog walking. When I get back I will have a shower and put these on, with a tee shirt. Unless of course the weather forecast is wrong and it hammers down. Then it will be sofa surfing in a pair of cotton trousers, made goodness knows how long ago and a jumper.

I have started on my mission to keep in touch more and have sent a few emails out and a few messages. My sister will be online soon and we will have a chat, it is a few weeks since I did that and it is shameful.

Did any of you watch the Eurovision Song travesty, I think that it is past it's sell by, best before and use by date. Having said that there are hundreds of thousands who love it, horses for courses and all that.

I have seen the odd, very odd, snippet of the winning song, mmm an experience I hope never to repeat.

I have also seen the trailer for the new film The Book Club, it reminded me of The First Wives Club and I will be watching for it on cinema.

Breakfast will be overnight oats that have been layered with Greek yogurt and frozen berries, I love it and may have to eat it early. 
I am feeling a touch peckish, thanks to the birds who sang to me till I threw in the towel and got up.
Come the Autumn though and it will be hot porridge all the way.

I have finished the top of a scrappy quilt, just lap size, it is a gift for someone who reads the blog so no photo. I gulped when I looked at my scrap bins yesterday, they are overflowing. Those naughty Elves who keep hiding yarn in the stash seem to have changed to scrap fabric. Tut Tut.

The washing machine is doing it's thing and it will be rinse and repeat as all the gardening clothes need to have a whirl this morning.

I have not given much thought to dinner tonight, possibly something on toast. I may get creative and marinade some cauliflower steaks, I will see how the day pans out.

I am off now as my sister logs on at 6:30 and it is almost that now.

                             TTFN                               Pam

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sadness and good intentions.

My heart goes out to Sue, The cottage at the end of the blog.
I have followed her from day one of blog reading. At that time she and her hubby Colin were living on a small holding in Suffolk. They retired to the said cottage and Colin has been battling cancer for what seems like a long weary while.
Sadly I have just read that he passed away yesterday. Yes good men die every day but to the people left behind it is Their good man and the loss is total and overwhelming.

Sue regrets that the grandchildren will never know Colin, but while she and her children talk about him and look back at photos he will still be there.

I never met either of them but through reading the blog I feel I know them as, I am sure, many more do. 
I have just read Sooze's at "Her Indoors, Him Outdoors" post and it is so pertinent.
It is all too easy to let things slide, put that phone call off to tomorrow. decide to call in another day when time is not so pressing and so on.

I have my days mainly free to do as I wish but have to make a conscious effort to keep lines of communication open.

To log onto Facebook and just send a few messages out, to drop a comment onto every blog post that I read. It is such a simple thing but I seem to have one eye on the clock and put it off "till later".

In all honesty, no matter how I vow to do better I am certain that I will backslide. There is always "just one more row" to be knitted, Just 1 patchwork block to finish and press, and " I'll just make a cuppa" or "I must just have 30 minutes in the garden"
These things are important to us at the time and take over. We all know that The Road to hell is paved with good intentions, I am going to try very hard to dig some of that paving up. (Of course I could always use it in the garden)

I will be back tomorrow with a Me Made May catch up.

                        TTFN                                       Pam

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Oh For Goodness Sake.

Back from Llandeilo, eaten, showered and in PJ,s. Sat down to download todays Me Made May photo and Pftt, it has evaporated.
I will put the gear onto my model in the morning and try again. There are times when I think that technology will take over the world, just like a bad Syfy movie. I saw the blasted photos but they just disappeared into the ether.

I was good, no fabric was bought. Much was looked at longingly and some was stroked. 

I was lucky to have some customers who wanted to do some fabric matching for quilting projects.

The sun shone most of the day and the shop was warm enough that I might have nodded off, if I had been sitting down.

I hope to spend lots of time in the garden during next week, which is perhaps a good thing. The engine warning light came on in the car today, so on Monday it will be going off to the garage. Fingers crossed that it is something simple.
I do not use it every day but you can bet that if it is in overnight I will be aching to use it.

I will keep this short as I am weary and an early night is on the cards.

                               TTFN                                    Pam